Peace under any other flag is yet peace. Click on a language abbreviation to enter the work.

Vladimir Schtupkin

This storybook is conceived of as a diplomatically open-source project and as a movement of solidarity. Take to heart that in children's literature in its inception is meant to inspire, console and entertain—and not frighten, however disturbing the subject of war.

You may contribute to this project by suggesting extensions of the work. Any adaptation should remain collaborative and respect the First Spirit of this work. It is a parent-child work formed explicitly from a desire for peace and justice; the work must not be morphed in any way for the purposes of war-mongering or war-profiteering, for intolerance or hate; and students need understand the use of satire as a counter-point to propaganda.

Then let our rhetoric and composition remain an instrustrument of the Good. If you cannot respect this principle, leave this site at once: return home to within your own limits; ponder your grief in solitude; let your disrespect not be a cause toward others; reach out should help be needed, for always there are those who will provide some measure of themselves; there is no shame in asking; do not return until you have bettered yourself and have learned to listen with the same constructive force as those of us who aim at speaking well; for the greater Good will always speak aloud and defend itself against the crimes of war. This act alone on your part will have served that international import of justice and of peace: for the sovereign people of Ukraine—for those Donbases and Crimeas, for those Syrias and Afghanistans struggling to breathe, for their just matriarchies and relief—for all areas of global conflict yet teetering; we