Fall 2021
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Our Lady1    Our Lady2   
photos courtesy of Rui Pedro. V. Pinheiro

Sermon to the Fishes
A three-part movement upon St. Anthony de Padua
from Our Lady of Grace Church, Lisbon, Portugal

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pistoia    DUOroboros1    DUOroboros3    DUOroboros4
photos courtesy of Giovanni Fedi, ReportCult, journale di cultura e spettacolo

Villanelle Recorded Live
from the Fondazione Luigi Tronci (outdoors), Pistoia, Italy

Satoru Ikeda (composition); Dagmar Bathmann (voice and cello); Omar Cecchi (vibraphone)

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Prospettiva    Satoru Ikeda    Satoru Ikeda Performing

Daffodil Recorded Live
from the Fondazione Torrita Cultural Salon, Torrita di Siena, Italy

Satoru Ikeda (composition); Diego Pucci (piano); Norberto Oldrini (artistic direction/recording)

DUOroboros wordpress: "Satoru Ikeda sang Daffodil himself...accompanied by Pucci's piano dropped perfectly into the atmosphere. [Ikeda] enchanted the audience with [his] authentic, almost ritual interpretation... a sandy, dirty voice and intonation, which gave a Japanese twist to the popular Canadian English verse of Darcy Blahut." —N. Oldrini

SK Polytechnic 1    SK Polytechnic 2    SK Polytechnic 3   
photos courtesy of Sask Polytechnic

Readings from new and selected works
Sask Polytechnic Library, Prince Albert, SK

Book Launch
Poems for a New Earth    Michael Bowden   

Poems for a New Earth / Poèmes pour une nouvelle Terre
(Limited edition chapbook; poems translated by Michael Bowden)
John M. Cuelenaere Public Library, Prince Albert, SK

Book Launch
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Odes, Hours, Idylls, Song: A Book of Common Prayer
John M. Cuelenaere Public Library, Prince Albert, SK (2010)

"At once rustic and urbane, personal and familiar, whimsical and dense, Darcy Blahut's collection offers a textured catalogue of forms and diversions. . ."
            —Robert Dornsife, Creighton University

"Blahut rarely shines too bright a light on his subject. He allows us to enjoy the play of shadows that makes feeling into meaning. . ."
            —Lynda Monahan

"Darcy Blahut reads with a great deal of skill and thematic ambition. . . [He] has a real feel for language, its richness, its lush musics."
            —Tim Lilburn, Govenor General's Award winner