Darcy Blahut At its centre, the act of composition, versus that of mere writing, is a rolling over—again and again—of that stone of the human spirit. A poet becomes familiar (at home even) with both the rough and smoothed edges of that moved, the cadence of which unearths an innermost song. Verse is a history of this pursuit—in, up, and over—the Word our Song, our tongues that boulder.

I am a Canadian poet, librettist, author, and lay philosopher of Ukrainian and French descent. I enjoy shared works with a host of international composers: versified sermons supplemental to the Divine Office, hymns, cantos, as well as miscellaneous experimental suites. My general areas of interest include: the roots of rhetoric and composition; faith and the poetic exposition; and aesthetic theory and praxis.

For more information about my work click on the mandorla above or email: blahut(at)sasktel(dot)net.

A Prairie Rune (available in print) Read More
With Rev. Shawn Sanford Beck and Christopher Sanford Beck (ed.).
ISBN: 978-0-97-800837-6 (paperback, 2023. 80 pp.)
ISBN: 978-0-97-800838-3 (e-book, 2023)

VIA POETICA, ARS DOLOROSA (author's edition)

Odes, Hours, Idylls, Song
ISBN: 978-0-97-800835-2 (paperback, 2010. 72 pp. out of print)

Selected Verse
ISBN: 978-0-97-800830-7 (paperback, 2007. 124 pp., out of print)

Three Ways to Kill a Dictator
A one act play with Chris Friesen.

Adult Lit
Book of Job


Child Lit
A Fish Story
A Poetic dreamscape for illustration or animation.

Abella Astrich: The Girl Who Pinched an Elf
In response to Ogden Nash's "Jabez Dawes: The Boy Who Laughed at Santa Claus".

McDonagall Brilling and the Golden Trumpet
Fairy tale. Narration: Shawn Sanford Beck. Child: Christopher Sandford Beck. Recording: Mosaic Music. 2011. 14:00. SoundCloud

Thelodius and the Song of the Secret Garden
Fable. Narration: Darcy Blahut. Children: Tracey Krieg and Ashley Miller. Music: Rich Miller, 2006. 21:00. SoundCloud

Vladimir Schtupkin
By collective artists: Brother Sun, Sister Blue.
In solidarity with the parents and children of Ukraine. Read Here

Incantesimi alla brezza / Incantations to the Breeze
English-Italian binaural narration, voice and electronic manipulation.
Translation: Carlotta Ferrari, 2020. 07:26. Audio and text

Poems for a New Earth / Poèmes pour une nouvelle Terre
Limited edition chapbook. Translation: Michael Bowden, 2018. 30 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-97-800831-4.

Cantos: Prayer for a Nation / Prière pour une nation
Translation (en chiac): Rémi Joncas.

ASL signed video by Elizabeth Morris. Narrated by Angela Morris, 2011. YouTube

Vladimir Schtupkin
Multi-lingual collaborations: CC, DE, EO, ES, EN, FR, PT, UK. Read Here

JTI: A Journal of Spiritual Revolution, PRECIPICe,
contemporary haibun online, Quills, Grain, Shadows, CBC Radio One

& Libretti
Blahut, Darcy (and family)
Behold, I shall save my people (for voice).
Ephrem's Prayer (for voice).
Though I know well (for voice and organ).

Ferrari, Carlotta (b. 1975) Home
Compline (for mezzosoprano(s) or baritone(s) and drone). YouTube
Epithalamion (for mixed SATB choir).
Pietà (for reader, cello and SATB choir; transl. by Michael Bowden).
She / Elle (for mixed SATB choir; transl. by Michael Bowden).
Tree of Life (for tenor(s), baritone(s) and drone). YouTube

Ikeda, Satoru (b. 1961) Home / Blog
Daffodil (for voice and piano).
Villanelle (for voice and piano; or for voice, cello and vibraphone).

McFarlane, Laura & Rob Munroe
My Love Is Big (country duet).

Miehling, Klaus (b. 1963) Home / Lulu
Opus 282. Three Motets (for SATB soloists, SATB choir and organ):
(I) Sermon of Quodvultdeus: on the Feast of the Holy Innocents (for Christmas);
(II) Bonaventure's Work on the Sacred Heart (for Ordinary Time);
(III) Ancient Homily on Holy Saturday: from a Saint Unnamed (for Easter).

Opus 328. Memorare (for SATB choir);
a three part Lenten reflection after Bernard of Clairvaux.

Opus 333. Leo's Exultation: for the Feast of the Nativity (for baritone, mixed choir and organ).

Santaella, Miguel Ángel Home
Choral work on Prayer for a Nation (Cantatory First)

Valdemar, Rui Pedro (b. 1992) Facebook
A Suite of 10: Selections from VIA POETICA (for SATB choir).

Valdemar, Rui Pedro; Carlotta Ferrari and Klaus Miehling
Sermon to the Fishes (a three-part movement upon Anthony de Padua).

In Progress
Mayhew, Isaac Home
Works on VIA POETICA (for STTTBarB, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, violin, cello, and bass).

Miguel Ángel Santaella Home
Patristic works.

Rui Pedro Valdemar Facebook
Adaptations for opera.

First Prize EX-AEQUO:
Musica Prospettiva 2019-20 International Competition

with Satoru Ikeda, Daffodil (for soprano and piano).