"At its centre, the act of composition, versus that of mere writing, is a rolling over—again and again—of that stone of the human spirit.  A poet becomes familiar (at home even) with both the rough and smoothed edges of that which is moved, the cadence of which unearths an innermost song.  My verse is a history of this pursuit—in, up and over—the Word my Song, my tongue the boulder."

    Darcy Blahut is a Canadian poet and librettist. His ongoing musical collaborations include scores by international composers: versified sermons supplemental to the Divine Office, cantos upon the Song of Solomon, madrigals, hymns, cantatas, opera, and miscellaneous experimental suites and ballads.

VIA POETICA (unbound)

A Prairie Rune (current collaboration with Rev. Shawn Sanford Beck)

Odes, Hours, Idylls, Song: A Book of Common Prayer
Paperback, 2010. 72 pp. ISBN: 9780978008352. Amazon

Selected Verse (out of print)
Paperback, 2007. 124 pp. ISBN: 9780978008307.

A Fish Story (unpublished)

Abella Astrich: The Girl Who Pinched an Elf (unpublished)
A response to Ogden Nash's "Jabez Dawes: The Boy Who Laughed at Santa Claus".

McDonagall Brilling and the Golden Trumpet
Fairy tale. Narration: Shawn Sanford Beck. Child: Christopher Sandford Beck. Recording: Mosaic Music. 2011. 14:00. SoundCloud

Thelodius and the Song of the Secret Garden
Fable. Narration: Darcy Blahut. Children: Tracey Krieg and Ashley Miller. Music: Rich Miller, 2006. 21:00. SoundCloud

In Translation
Cantos: Prière pour une nation
En Chiac (current collaboration with Remi Joncas).

Incantesimi alla brezza / Incantations to the Breeze
English-Italian binaural narration, voice and electronic manipulation.
Translation: Carlotta Ferrari, 2020. 07:26. audio

Poems for a New Earth / Poèmes pour une nouvelle Terre
Limited edition chapbook. Translation: Michael Bowden, 2018. 30 pp.
ISBN: 9780978008314.

ASL signed video by Elizabeth Morris. Narrated by Angela Morris, 2011. YouTube

JTI: A Journal of Spiritual Revolution, PRECIPICe,
contemporary haibun online, Quills, Grain, Shadows, CBC Radio One

Sermon to the Fishes
A three-part movement upon Anthony de Padua
Collaborative Composition: Rui Pedro V. Pinheiro, Carlotta Ferrari, Klaus Miehling (score pending).

Prayer for a Nation
Composer: Rui Pedro V. Pinheiro. ~80 min. (score pending).

The Canticles of Enoch
A dramatic monologue adapted for voices (unscored).

& Libretti
by Carlotta Ferrari (b. 1975): home
Compline (for mezzosoprano(s) or baritone(s) and drone). YouTube
Epithalamion (for mixed SATB choir).
Pietà (for reader, cello and SATB choir; trans. by Michael Bowden).
She / Elle (for mixed SATB choir; trans. by Michael Bowden).
Tree of Life (for tenor(s), baritone(s) and drone).

by Rui Pedro V. Pinheiro (b. 1992):
A Suite of 10: Selections from VIA POETICA (for SATB choir).

by Isaac Mayhew: home
Works on VIA POETICA (in development—for STTTBarB, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, violin, cello, and bass).

by Klaus Miehling (b. 1963): home / Lulu
Three Motets, op. 282 (for SATB soloists, SATB choir and organ):
Sermon of Quodvultdeus: The Feast of the Holy Innocents (for Christmas Season)
Bonaventure's Work on the Sacred Heart (for Ordinary Time)
Ancient Homily on Holy Saturday: from a Saint Unnamed (for Easter Season)

by Satoru Ikeda (b. 1961): home
Daffodil (for voice and piano).
Villanelle (for voice and piano; or for voice, cello and vibraphone).

by Laura McFarlane & Rob Munroe:
My Love Is Big (country duet).

First Prize EX-AEQUO:
Musica Prospettiva 2019-20 International Competition

Satoru Ikeda, Daffodil (for soprano and piano).